9 Foot Pool / Snooker / Billiard Tables

Minimum recommended room size for 9ft tables: 5.50m x 4.30m

9 foot slate billiard tables are also known as three-quarter tables. They are classic bar and pool room tables, making them perfect for home or commercial environments. These popular pool tables are available in a fabulous range of designs, colours and styles. The 9 foot pool tables are an excellent choice for both value and looks. Our 9ft pool table range includes modern and traditional styles, as well as our classic Australian-made pool tables.

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High-end 9 foot tables range includes:

  • Premier Deluxe  
  • Crown mahogany  
  • Royal Mahogany  
  • Royal Traditional   
  • American Style 

Middle Range Pool Tables includes:

  • Premier Standard   
  • Royal Classic  
  • Black Diamond  
  • Hilton

Call us or contact us online for any information that you need. If you’re in Melbourne or Sydney, you can also visit us at our showrooms and talk to our experts.  (If the price isn’t shown, contact us for details.)

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