Pool / Snooker / Billiard Cues

Billiard/Snooker/Pool cues available include:

  • Graphite Cues
  • Titanium Cues
  • Sportivo Cues
  • Star Exclusive Wood Cues

Desert Cue Range

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After years of traveling Australia sourcing unique timbers, Desert Cues Australia introduces their 2021 Collection of pool and snooker cues.
Timbers sourced from across Australia include Bimble Box Burl, Brown Mallee Burl, Coolibah Burl, Conkerberry, and many other exquisite native timbers. Each is chosen specifically for color, grain, and pattern to create a unique example of superior craftsmanship complemented with Australian art.

Cues with Rods:

For a more discerning playing experience, Desert Cues Australia introduces our revolutionary patented device that allows the balance point of the cue to be adjusted to the optimal position required by the individual.

This is achieved by adjusting the rotating mechanism within the cue until the desired balance point is achieved.

This new technology allows the discerning player to “weight” the cue to their own specific needs.

Specifications of plain cues and cues with inlays:

  • Two-piece cue with extension
  • 9.5mm tip
  • Grade one shaft
  • Vacuum joint
  • Ebony, Jarrah, and Sheoak butt
  • One or four splices
  • Hand spliced (not machined spliced)
  • Inlay featuring Australian art
  • Splice available in the following unique Australian timbers:
    • Bimble Box Burl
    • Brown Mallee Burl
    • Coolibah Burl
    • Conkerberry

Walkabout Pool Cue Range

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Australian-Designed Cues Featuring Australian-Sourced Jarrah and Sheoak
This Australian Jarrah and Sheoak Walkabout cue range is one of our all-time favorite ranges, with the two-piece Jarrah & Sheoak and Sheoak & Jarrah cues being one of the best pool cues under $200 currently on the market. There is nothing but positive things to say about the Australian Walkabout cue stick range. This is confirmed by all of our customer's valuable feedback in-store and online; we are yet to hear a single complaint about these outstanding cues.

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