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Durable and long-lasting foosball tables, we only deal with the finest and toughest soccer/foosball table. We offer our customers a range of stylish tables that are sure to bring you endless fun.

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The Soccer table also referred to as foosball, is the game taken from the soccer pitch transferred to table games. Soccer tables are made in two types and styles, the tournament-style and home use style.
All tournament soccer tables are made 5FT in length. With rods, there are the traditional solid or tubular steel rods and there are telescope rods as well. Tournament tables have a single goalie at each end and cheap mass-produced tables have 3 goalies at each end of the table. Unlike other kinds of table games, the soccer table is a piece of equipment made to be given a work out due to the nature of the game and how it is played. To ensure that the table has longevity for your home or business, the focus should be on the quality of the table rather than the price.

Typical good quality tables have followed elements:

  1. Strong rod, this can be either solid rod, or 3mm thickness tubular rod. Has one goalie at each end.
  2. They have raised triangle shape corners made either in metal plate or plastic.
  3. Solid built players.
  4. The sidewall at least 30mm in thickness,
  5. The best quality table sidewall should be built from plywood, this type of sidewall can take heavy usage.
  6. Strongly attachment legs.
  7. Bearing system for the rods to pull through.
  8. Toughened glass playfield, ensures easy cleaning of the surface.

There are many manufacturers in the market, however historically and from feedback based on the reputation of the product, branded products always win out, giving peace of mind to the customer.

Brand list:
Roberto (Italy), Riley (UK), Sportivo (Australia), Galindo (Italy), Bossini (France) Tornado(USA),  

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