Transform Your Dining or Boardroom Table into a Pool Table

At All Table Sports Australia, we offer a wide range of products, including multi purpose tables that serve in the boardroom or the game room, the dining room or the living room. Our range of convertible pool/dining/boardroom tables is made in Australia, and they can greatly enhance your leisure time and general fun.

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Entertain to the fullest!
What's better than taking a quick break from a long boardroom discussion to shoot some pool? Or how sweet would it be to finish eating dinner, clear your plates and easily engage in a game or two. Loser can do the dishes!
Our stores stock 7 and 8-foot tables in a variety of styles and colours. From classic wooden ornamental legs with colourful cloth tops to sleek, modern products with clean finishes. Some of our tables even come with benches. Simply remove the slate that comes on top to turn your boardroom or dining room into a game haven that everyone can enjoy.

Where to find / ask us
Our pool/boardroom/dining room tables are available from our show rooms in Melbourne and Sydney. We also have agents all over Australia, from Perth to Brisbane, Ballarat to Albany. To find out how you can enhance your game room to the fullest and entertain yourself, your co-workers, your friends and family, stop into one of our stores today, or get in contact with one of our friendly specialists. 

View our gallery of pool/dining room/ boardroom tables for sale in Australia below!

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By: on 9 April 2020
I found the whole experience of dealing with Edward and his team at All Table Sports, outstanding. The service was exceptional and the manner in which they dealt with me was first class. The table we purchased was delivered on time, assembled quickly, and our family is enjoying it immensely. Having researched several options for pool tables, All Tables Sports was by far the most reasonably priced, and quality is assured. I highly recommend All Tables Sports to anyone looking to purchase a pool table and am thoroughly impressed by the all round service provided.

So Stoked!

By: on 9 April 2020
So stoked. I learnt to play pool and snooker as a kid and it is one of my favourite activities to do with my family. Thank to @all tablesports for making the most beautiful pool table/dinner table combo for us all. This is made from beautiful west Australia marri wood. The dinner table lid comes off and it turns into a pool table. Check out @alltablesports for their amazing range of produce.

Awesome Magic!

By: on 4 April 2019
This is the last thing my friends expected to see after a game of pool. I pushed the button and lift the table, went on with dining top and we were serving dinner on it within a few minutes after game! Awesome!