Make the Most Out of a Small Living Area

Date Posted:12 March 2019 

From rumpus rooms to lounge rooms, the living areas in our homes are some of the most laidback spaces we have. That's where we relax with friends and family after a long day at work, swapping stories and recharging our energy. A small living space can hurt this warm vibe, making the room seem confining, rather than inviting. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to make the most of your living space – no matter the size.

Maximising Your Space

The living area is often the first room your guests set foot in when entering your home - so first impressions are important. If your living area is smaller than most, every last detail counts. Since your living space sets the tone for the entire house, it makes perfect sense to outfit it with a pool table, or better yet, a combination pool table/dining table. Installing a new pool table or pool table/dining table will instantly transform your home into party central – your friends will never want to leave!

Benefits of Multi functional Furniture

Too much furniture and not enough space to display it? This is a common problem facing many Australian home owners. Luckily, there is an easy solution which will maximize your space and add an element of style and functionality to any living area – utilizing multi functional furniture.
Multifunctional furniture will ensure your furniture does not overtake the space, leaving you plenty of room to entertain. And, if you’re a regular entertainer, that pool table which doubles as a dining room table comes in handy again. This innovative piece of furniture will give your living area two distinct feels –mixing formal entertainment and laid-back activities.

Placement is Key

Placing your furniture in the correct position will create the impression of more space in a small room. If furniture obscures your view of the room, it will appear cramped. To avoid this, place your pool table against the wall to create more open space. Also, the longest line in any room as the diagonal. So placing a pool table at an angle will lead the eye to the longer distance, thereby making the room appear larger.

Create a Laid back Vibe

Installing a pool table, billiards table or snooker table into your living area will instantly create the laidback vibe you have been searching for. Any of our stylish pool, snooker or billiards tables will transform your living area into the entertainment capital of the neighborhood.

Our high-quality pool, billiards and snooker tables create a classic pub feel – all without having to leave the house! Whether you're hosting a dinner party, having a weekly pool tournament with the guys or game night with the family, All Table Sports has the perfect table for you.

Discover exactly what your living area has been missing by viewing our pool tables/dining tables online, or visit our showroom. Our full size, modern pool tables are the perfect addition to any home.


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