Is a Pool or Billiards Table Right For You?

Date Posted:22 September 2016 

Billiards refers to all indoor games played with spherical balls on a flat surface, in order to hit balls into their pots in a precise order. Billiards can be played in two major varieties: Pocket Billiards (played on tables with pockets) and Carom Billiards (played on tables with no pockets). The objective of pocket billiards is to pocket the balls, and the objective of carom billiards is moving the balls around the table in a precise fashion.
Pool, on the other hand, refers to a set of pocket billiard games played with one cue ball and 15 balls on a table with six edged pockets and knife-edged rails.
Let’s find out which game is right for you.
How to Choose the Perfect Pool/Billiards Table
When choosing your pool or billiards table, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose the right sized table for your needs. For instance, an 8 foot table is the standard pool and billiard table size. Smaller tables create clustered balls while larger tables make shot making longer and more difficult.
Before purchasing a new pool or billiards table, read testimonials from satisfied customers to ensure you’re buying the right table for you.
Always opt for enjoyment over economy. Paying more than $500 for a quality pool or billiards table may not seem like a good investment until you consider owning it for 40 or more years – giving your family and friends thousands of hours of enjoyment.
Consider accessories to enhance your playing experience. At All Table Sports, we offer: floor racks, clip holders, wooden ball racks, table brushes, and much more 
Questions to Ask Before Buying
A pool or billiards table is a major purchase (both financially and in terms of emotional investment), so before taking the plunge, here are a few questions you should ask.
Is the frame constructed of solid wood or plywood and particle board?
Does the frame support the slate on all playing surfaces?
Is the top rail constructed of solid wood or plywood and particle board? 
Is the cushion a full-profile, canvas-backed, Grade A cushion rubber?
Are the slates diamond-honed matched? 
If the slate is framed, is it backed with poplar or MDF? Plywood or particle board make for poor backing materials.
Is the billiard cloth constructed of a heavy wool/nylon blend cloth?
Is the leg constructed primarily of solid wood, and do the legs attach to the table to provide rigidity? If the legs are improperly attached, the table will move when you lean against it to shoot 
To view our full range of new, modern pool and billiards tables, visit our website or call into our New South Wales or Victoria showrooms. 

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