How to Keep Your Games Table Clean?

Date Posted:3 December 2018 

Regular pool or snooker table maintenance is important to ensure your table remains in pristine condition and so you can enjoy playing on it for years to come. As with almost any other cleaning job, the first step to cleaning your games table is using the right tools. Fortunately, you won't have to go all over town to find them – we supply everything at All Table Sports. The most important tool you will need is a table brush.

Where to Start

When brushing your pool, snooker or billiard table felt, start by brushing off the bumper railings, as some dirt will fall onto the playing surface. Once the table is brushed, vacuum out the dirt from the floor.

Keeping it Clean

When cleaning your games table, always remember the golden rule: always use a table brush, rather than a vacuum. A table brush will clean all dust and dirt is out of sight and out of mind.
A pool brush is a handy tool to have in your games room as it picks up excess crumbs, abrasive chalk or dirt hit the table during game time. For optimum performance, ensure you have a soft bristle table brush on hand for light brushing. If you brush your game table regularly, you’ll get at least three years’ more life from your cloth.

Things to Avoid

While it may seem like an inanimate object, your pool, billiards or snooker table is very sensitive. To keep your table in top shape, simply follow these tips:
  • Remove all hand and wrist jewellery. Even the smallest piece of metal could slash or rip your felt.
  • Don’t fling coins onto the table. While it may look cool, each coin creates tiny cuts in the felt which can develop into substantial tears over time.
  • Ensure you limit chalking. We recommend infrequent chalking, as doing so between each shot imposes a heavy, lingering dust that can eat into your cloth.
  • Drinks should be nowhere near your pool, snooker or billiards table. Your games table is so sensitive that, coaster or no coaster, drinks can create a condensation ring which results in permanent moisture damage.
For more information on all things pool and billiards, visit our blog. If you’re ready to upgrade a new, modern pool, snooker or billiards table, visit our Sydney or Melbourne showrooms to see these magnificent pieces in person.

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